Brand New Website!

Welcome to version 3.0!

I have finally taken the time to organize and built a website that is easy to read, navigate and best of all, update on a regular basis. So, what is the secret to making this website more streamlined and easier to do? .........SquareSpace!

I have been using BlueHost as my hosting provider for a very long time, but realized that the Wordpress platform and BlueHost's professional web tools are way too complicated for me.

I tested out SquareSpace, and after setting up a free 15 day trail, I instantly realized that this is the hosting platform I can quickly build on. The web building tools are very easy to use and best of all, there is very little coding that you need to worry about. It is basically drag and drop and what-you-see-is-what-you-get instant feedback with realtime on-screen updating.

It was easy to cancel my existing BlueHost hosting service, get the unique EPP code and transfer my domain name from BlueHost to SquareSpace servers. There are very easy to follow instructions here.

It is worth checking out. Go to now and try it for free! Try using the 10% off discount code "STUFF" at check out. I am on the $18/mo "Business" plan. You can see pricing and features here.

I plan on updating this site as much as possible with all kinds of stuff. Unlike before, I plan to post personal stuff in the blog section, in addition to work stuff.

Stay tuned!